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Interchangable Steel Types (I.S.T)

  • Perfect for part-numbering and specification-marking on steel, aluminum, brass, etc.
  • High tool life. Reduces production downtime.
  • Types made from high quality tool steel treated to remove scale and resist rust.
  • Hardened and tempered for high wear resistance,retaining toughness at the same time.
  • Hardened and tempered for high wear resistance,retaining toughness at the same time.
  • All dimensions to very close tolerances,for the clearest uniform impression when several types are assembled together.

Automatic Rotary Type Numerator

  • Consecutive serial numbers can be marked on metal parts in a simple operation.
  • Special design ensures that figures advance one at-a-time accurately and automatically.
  • Impressions are perfectly aligned, evenly spaced, uniformly deep part after part!

High Precesion Stamp Marks

  • Custom-made with total fidelity to every logo.
  • Produced from large scale calligraphy drawings to capture every tiny detail of any logo.
  • High wear resistance and lasting precision to ensure the strongest life of stamp work.
  • Scientific heat treatment impaired for prolonged service life.

Hand Punches

  • Ensure deep, clear, legible stamped impressions.
  • Safeguard against mushrooming, chiping and splitting.
  • Each punch is clearly marked with character designation and size.
  • Made from high quality, heat-treated tool steel.
  • Character faces combine high degree of hardness and toughness for exceptionally long life.

Rotary Type Numerator

  • Perfect Time-saver for repeat number by hand stamping.
  • Serial numbers part numbers, or code numbers can be marked on steel, aluminum, brass etc.
  • Compact design so it can be carried to mark components.
  • Ideal for steel producers, ‘Marking Wheels’ can be rotated to any desired position, then locked positively by locking pin.

Other Accessories


Dot Stress


Mini Stress


Machine Holder


Hand Holder

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