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spm pin marking machine

Dot Pin Marking Machine

  • Technical Description
    Making Window :
    100mm X 120mm
    Standard Column Frame :
    No Of Axis
    2 Axis
    Character Height
    0.5 99mm
    Technical DEscprion : :
    Start & Stop Push Buttons
    Capable of Marking Datamatris Codes.
    Output of Barcode Scanner marked directly.
    Operates with user-friendly PC based software only
    Ability to do Linear, Circular, Inverted, Mirror, Marking.
    5 different marking fonts are available with faciliry to mark windows TTF fonts.
    Ability to change font size, compression and spacing.
  • Technical Requirements
    Pentium 166MHz Processor or higher
    Minimum 512 MB RAM
    40 MB Free Hard disk Space
    CD-ROM Drive
    Windows XP or any higher version of operating system.
    Free Ethernet port for connecting the machine.
    Input Supply 230V AC with Earth
    Air Pressure 5 to 6 kg
  • Optional
    Component for Software Customisation.
    Foot Switch Operation.
    Pneumatic / Stepper controlled Z axis.
    End of marking output.
    Rotary axis for peripheral marking.
    Independent Controller for PC less Working.
    Name Pleat holding manual / auto devices.
    Customised work holding devices.
    Turnkey marking solution.
  • Rotary and Vertical Attachments
    Machine with Rotary or Vertical attachment are fitted with 3 axis controller.
    Standard Rotary small attachment is suitable for components upto 5kg weight.
    Standard Rotary big attachment is suitable for weight upto 15kg.
    Vertical attachment standard is 150mm adjustable.
    All these machines give true interpolated motion in all 3 axis.
  • Stylus Assemblies
    Different stylus types are available for marking.
    Choice of stylus depend on material to mark, stylus amplitude required & depth of marking required. PT 16, PT 10, PT 06, LP 10, LP 16, LP 06, Extra long PT 16 & LP 10 etc. are the types available.

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